Behind The Hashtag

Capturing Self-Doubt In Real Time

#minusthedoubt is called a digital documentary for a reason — it was specifically created to give women everywhere multiple examples of how we can overcome self-doubt. Not only did three women share their struggles with self-doubt on the screen, but five others women participated off-screen as well, with goals like becoming a writer, launching a podcast, starting a business, and more. And not only are their stories here on the site, but you can catch every self-doubt they had along the way by following the #minusthedoubt hashtag on their social media platforms. These women bravely and honestly tweeted and instagrammed every hard moment the met along the way for five months. What was the point? “Because, when you are going through what feels like an really impossible time in your life, it feels great to know that you aren’t alone in the dark,” says project creator Breonna Rodriguez. 

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Special Thanks

For All The Love

A lot of people lent their time, love and ears to support this project. It has been an incredible journey and I thank each and every one of you for standing by us and helping me tell this story. This is our story, now. It wouldn’t be possible without you. So thank you. -xo/B

Jennifer Hallam, Louis Mitchell, Steven McDonald, Jodi Nussbaum, Kathryn Harvey, Daniel Edmundson, Matt Mattice, Marco LaGamba, Johanna Ferreria, Gloria Steinberg and Ryan Britt

Special Thanks:
Jennifer Hallam, Johanna Ferreira, Stephanie Flor, Jennifer Neary, Ted Freedman, Marco LaGamba, Raymond Blake, Lauren Holiday, Daniel Edmundson, Chris Rackliffe, Freddie Morgan, David Horowitz, Nancy Hawley, Scott Mcgregor, The Steinberg Family, Karen & Pete, The Rodriguez Family

And thank you to all the friends and family who generously donated their time, love and fiscal support to this project.