Anna Ly has an unwavering passion for adventure, and the goal she shares with #minusthedoubt is one of the biggest adventures imaginable. So big, in fact, that only two men have ever achieved the same feat — and zero women. After seeing a lecture about the Mariana Trench at SXSW, Anna had the idea to be the first woman to reach the deepest known part of the ocean. And much to her surprise, all it took were a few conversations to get a lot of influential people excited, too.

“My biggest doubt was that I thought what I was doing wouldn’t be important to people,” she says. However, within a few weeks, she was facing the opposite problem: People became a little too interested in her idea, and started to spin it into their own visions. The further down the rabbit hole she went, the less and less familiar the original idea started to look.

Growing up in a very risk-adverse family, Anna has always been one to break the mold. And the older she gets, the more she enjoys trying new things, discovering, in the process, just how strong she really is. For Anna, getting to the bottom of the sea was less about being the first woman down there and more about encouraging other women to take chances and find out what they’re made of.

To reroute her project, Anna formed the Artemis Collective: a group of intrepid and creative women, much like herself, who are creating inspirational stories for audiences around the globe. Anna hopes that when Artemis launches in summer 2016, she’ll gain a different kind of support for her ambitious goal —  the kind that will let her stay true to her personal mission of encouraging more women to take big risks in life. Want to follow Anna’s journey to the bottom of the sea? Look out for her YouTube vlog series, also coming this year.