I never imagined this would be the way #minusthedoubt would have turned out. I mean, for starters, I seriously thought I would summit a mountain top (even if it was in Lake Placid — instead of Tanzania!)  But that didn’t happen, and neither did a million other tiny details I was convinced would make this story perfect.

In retrospect, though, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Because as my mother would say, everything happened the way it was supposed to. Every twist and turn taught me more than a straight and even road ever could. Getting rejected from sponsors taught me how to keep asking for the things I really want. Not raising enough crowdfunding gave me the opportunity to learn animation programs and editing software on my own. The project changed me; who I am is a completely different person than who I was when I started developing this project back in June of 2015. And now, I’m a lot less scared of putting myself out there and sharing my voice with the world.

In the documentary,  Alexandra (a life coach) warns that if you become attached to the outcome of your goals, you’ll miss a lot of the good stuff. The “good stuff” being the unexpected moments that come along to change and inspire you. It’s the stuff that allows you to reconnect to with the woman that you are and push yourself further than you ever allowed yourself to imagine you could go.

By letting dozens of brilliant ideas just sit in the archives of my mind collecting dust for years, I know  I’ve missed out on these kinds of incredible moments in the past. But with #minusthedoubt, I now feel like I have a rope — a single silver cord I can follow out of the murk of self-doubt.

And believe me when I say, I’m not missing out on any of the good stuff from here on out. I’m going to chase every dream that thrills me, doubts be damned! And it is my sincerest hope that this project will encourage you to do the same.

– xo/B