Onyi Nwosu wants to build an app — and build it all by herself. This New York chapter lead for Black Girls Code has a life-long passion for technology and is finally ready to turn her great ideas into a tangible product. But, as Onyi knows, developing an app comes with multiple pitfalls and plenty of potential failures along the way.

Originally, Onyi tried to create the app in Swift. But the new developing language proved too undocumented and was difficult to work with. For weeks, she struggled. Her mounting internal anxiety was fueled by outside voices. “The biggest doubt I dealt with,” she says, “was other people doubting me.” Just when Onyi needed the most encouragement, there were people urging her to take the easy way, to give up on building the app herself and hire a developer.

Late in November, Onyi made a hard, but meaningful decision: She’d change direction and start all over.

Starting over reminded her of why she was building the app in the first place — simply to become a better developer. And as she found a new way to achieve her goal, she inspired the rest of the #minusthedoubt team to look at their own struggles from a new perspective.

While the launch date for Onyi’s app is still TBD, she is finding great satisfaction in the learning process itself and, taking things one day at a time, remains committed to her goal.